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1. Where can art glass be placed?

Art glass can be placed any where that light enters your environment. It has a great influence on the atmosphere in the room. Front entryways, bathrooms or stairways are the most common locations. I once did work for a customer that installed art glass in every window of his home.

2. What about a design?

The design, colour and texture of your windows should complement the architecture and create the desired atmosphere in your environment. You may already have a design in mind, or I can create an original. I also have hundreds of designs available that can be modified or reproduced. As well there are many more inspiring photos of my work in my portfolio. My policy is, I stop drawing when you say “That’s what I like.”

3. How do I get an estimate?

Phone or e-mail us. I will come to your home or office, take some measurements, look at some design ideas with you and give you an estimate at no charge or obligation. I can also provide a written estimate and delivery schedule even if you are only at the blueprint or concept stage.

4. How long does it take?

Most commissions of 1-3 windows take about 3-5 weeks.
Larger commissions i.e. ceilings, those with custom bevels, very large windows, take more time. If you have a specific installation date in mind, I will time myself accordingly.

5. How much does it cost ?

Art glass is priced by the square foot. A very basic custom design could be priced as low as R1000/sq. ft. and as the complexity and other factors increase so does the cost. There are many factors that can determine the price per sq. ft., i.e. complexity of the design, quality of the glass used, type of came (lead,zinc,brass,copper) used to assemble your window. As well, painting,sandblasting, custom bevels or etching are all cost factors.

Cost advantages to commissioning my services are that I keep a very low overhead. As a result my pricing is generally lower than other professional studios. How can I do this? My studio is located in my home, I work by appointment only, I don’t carry full time employees and I don’t keep a large unnecessary inventory of glass. I make professionally handcrafted art glass which is not at all comparable in quality to what can be purchased at a hardware store or out of the back of a van.

After 25 years of experience this adds up to uncompromising quality at very competitive prices.

6. What about the installation?

Most art glass windows are installed on the inside of your existing clear glass windows in the same frame. This provides protection for your art glass from the elements, does not change the insulation value of your windows or add the expense of replacing the windows you already have. You may choose to buy a smaller art glass piece and hang it from the inside frame of your existing window. This is a good idea if you don’t want to fill your entire window with art glass or live in an apartment and want the option of easily taking the piece with you. Regardless of what you decide upon, I will personally install the windows, ensuring a proper fit and lasting beauty.

7. What about the glass ?

There are two types of glass available. One type is made by machine, the other is made by hand, the traditional way. There are many beautiful machine made glasses, they are consistent in thickness and colour and cost one half to two thirds less than handmade. Handmade glass is very unique, no two pieces are the same.  The colours, textures and variations make for a truly one of a kind window.  It is very common to combine both glasses in a window, but you must decide what best suits your budget and your taste.

8. What kind of quality am I getting?

Art glass windows if constructed properly and protected should last 80 – 100 years before any restoration is required. There are many examples of this lasting quality in churches and older homes. To ensure the lasting beauty of your art glass, consideration must be given to the design, size, weight and the material being used to hold the glass together i.e. lead, zinc, brass or copper. Special consideration must be given if the window is going into a door or skylight.