Floating Glass Shelves

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  • 120.00
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  • With 2 Small Peacock Chrome Finish Brackets Included
  • Flat polished edge
  • 3/8 inch or 10mm thick glass
  • Tempered glass
  • DIY easy installation
  • Include Screws to put brackets on wall or surface.
  • May use as storage, bathroom, living room shelf etc
  • Available in Many Sizes
  • Clear glass processed to be close to perfect yields no air bubbles.

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Quarter Circle Glass Shelf

Quarter Circle Glass Shelves are ideal for hanging in the corners of room. If you want to save a space and then place valuables in the guest or living room then quarter circle glass shelf must be you ideal choice. You can place decorative stuff like jars, pots, small statues, flower pots and other stuff.

Floating Glass Shelves For Any Wall Of Your Home

If you want to have a fine piece of Quarter Circle Floating Glass Shelves for any part of your home then call Fab Glass and Mirror. You can make a great discount deal with an early order for clear quarter circle floating glass shelf for your bathroom. Here you can place your shampoo, conditioner, shaving kit and some fine vase for decorative purposes as well. Fab Glass and Mirror gives you different sizes and a variety of colors to go for a final selection of round wall glass shelves. You can ask for chrome peacock designed brackets in different polish colors. Even the custom cut glass shelves are produced as per your requirement. It is just too easy to call for an order of a set of clear quarter circle floating glass shelves or to go with white, black, blue, green and red colors. The shipping and order placement is quite easy with us, and you can order any size, design and color and can even replace you order. Our customer care department is always engaged in serving our clients with best services, and providing useful information.

Add More Storage Room In Your Workplace

Working in an office, workshop, or utility room requires items to be kept in a conform manner rather than haphazardly unorganized. Adding cabinets to hold items needed for work takes away from the available floor space, making a room feel smaller as a whole. To keep rooms feeling spacious, consider the addition of glass shelves instead. Round glass shelves offer the ease of having items where they are within reach while keeping a room’s dimensions from becoming smaller due to cabinetry systems. These shelves provide a pleasing touch to any workplace and are easy to utilize and install. To add a bit of color to a room, brackets can be selected in red, blue, green, black or white to offset the pristine, polished surfaces in a unique way. Shelves installed in corners allow for all room space to be used instead of wasted without minimizing the viewable footage available in the process.

These shelves are easy to move around if remodeling a room is desired, making them must-have pieces that can be taken down and repositioned within minutes. Quarter round glass shelves quickly give a room a modern feel, helping office workspace live up to trends if customers or representatives are frequent visitors. Round glass shelf measurements can be taken and our company will cut the pieces to fit any area. Round wall glass shelves give an office a location to display awards, trophies or certificates. Use them in a supply room to hold cleaning agents and tools in an above-ground spot where they are less likely to pose a risk to those who come into contact with them. Add glass shelves to a workshop to hold small tools and hardware items where they can be seen and reached without difficulty. These shelves improve the aesthetics of any room without taking away from the square footage. They give rooms a trendy appearance while providing reliable storage options and security for items. Installation of round glass shelving is minimal, making it easy for anyone to get the shelves added to walls and in use within minutes. Hardware is attractive and does not take away from the view of the smooth glass surfaces. Simply select the desired shape, size, and hardware options to improve storage in a workspace today.

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