Oval Beveled Polish Frameless Wall Mirror With Hooks

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  • Oval shape Frame less mirror
  • 1″ Beveled Polished Edge
  • Vinyl Safety Backing
  • Thickness: 1/4 inch or 6 mm
  • can be hanged both vertical and Horizontal
  • Comes with a Hooks attached to the back
  • Easy Installation DIY
  • Uses: bathroom, kitchen, wall art, wall decor, living room etc.

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We Have High Quality Oval Wall Mirrors

An oval mirror is an exceptional shape for a room that needs that extra special something. It offers an exquisite femininity and classic beauty. Our frameless oval mirror collection features quality craftsmanship, polished and beveled edges and an unmistakable elegance. There is no right or wrong way to hang a small or large oval wall mirror. Hang one horizontally when the room features other horizontal elements like a picture window. Multiple oval mirrors hanging side by side or on adjacent walls is also a way to create impact. Oval mirrors are available in a variety of sizes and include hooks and installation information.

Oval Bathroom And Vanity Mirror

An Oval Bathroom Mirror from Fab Glass and Mirror is just like artwork. Each oval bathroom mirror is crafted with the utmost attention to detail. Exquisitely beveled and polished, each mirror includes hooks and is ready to install. Our oval bathroom mirror collection will create an eye catching focal point in this special, personal space. You’ll see from the moment you hang it on the wall, the wonderful difference it makes. The room will appear larger, more distinct and attractive. Light will instantly bounce throughout the room and you’ll wonder how you ever started your day without your oval bathroom mirror. Mirrors offer stylish beauty and function. They are like moveable windows that we can display to our heart’s content. Our frameless oval vanity mirrors are beveled and polished so you can get ready for your day polished and ready for the day, or night ahead. Their sleek design works in every decor style so whether you are classic and traditional or contemporary and eclectic, a Fab Glass and Mirror Oval Vanity Mirror will instantly fit into your lifestyle.

How Mirrors Can Add Spaciousness To Your Room Ways To Use Mirrors In Your Home

Mirrors are essential for checking to see if you look your best, but they offer a decorative finish to any room. Our frameless oval mirror collection is strategically polished and beveled so whether you are looking at it from a distance or right into it close by, the results are magical. Oval decorative mirrors reflect the light and make any room look larger, brighter and more heartfelt. Some designers call these magical optical illusions because they open up a small space and make it appear larger. A dark corner is instantly illuminated, a small powder room’s design is elevated and large room becomes more welcoming when oval mirrors are added. An oval mirror is perfect hanging on a wall, but when it is used as a free standing decorative element propped against a wall, something wonderfully spacious happens to the room. Anything that is in front of the mirror or reflecting in the mirror creates a focal point and visually makes the room look bigger and better.

Since there is an angle when the oval mirror lens, light bounces off in many different directions waking up the room with style, light and amazing design. Our frameless oval mirror collection and decorative oval mirror selections are gorgeous additions to any room. Since they are frameless, the sky is the limit for adding unique and stylish focal points to any space. Mirrors are not only beautiful, they can double the look of a room and add dimension and light unlike any other accent can. The oval shape can hang either horizontally or vertically depending on the room and space. Frameless oval mirror provides effortless styling and takes your decor to the next level. Contact us today and we’ll help you figure out what oval mirror is perfect for your lifestyle.

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