uPVC Window & Door Solution

Unique Properties

In-House fabrication unit for consistency in quality: In-house fabrication unit equipped with advanced automated machinery for fabrication and an internal expert team with over 54 years experience in Glass industry.

Precise customization for easy and clean installation: Goodbye to the prolonged and cumbersome carpentry installation process. Welcome to precisely customized widows that are accurate and installation ready. Latest technology installation.

Value for Money that lasts a lifelong: Superior quality raw materials & accessories and high-precision installation ensure that our products deliver maximum efficiency with minimum maintenance to the customer is assured of a lasting value for money in terms of their functionality and style.

Architect’s Joy: The sheer versatility and strength of our profiles allow a wide range of customization possibilities for the architect.

Shine9 Windows and Doors are one of the most innovative and trendy products used in the contemporary building industry.

Shine9 commit an assurance of an uncompromising quality, right from the manufacturing stage to the completion of installation.

Shine9 offer top quality Windows and Doors which are custom manufactured with pinpoint accuracy and installed by a technically sound, trained and resourceful in-house team.

Shine9 products that guarantee sturdiness and performance beyond compare even under extreme weather conditions they may be exposed to. We totally rely on the highest quality hardware to go with our products because we believe the best deserves the best!

Shine9 specialize in providing customized Shine9 solutions for every need. Our fabrication processes are required to be highly precision-oriented in order to meet the demands of 100% customization.

shine9 uPVC as the primary frame a poor conductor of Heat cannot transfer it in air tightning sealing.

shine9 uPVC use of profiles properly fusion / welded on joints and silicone sealant use for air- tighting Double insulations.

shine9 uPVC Insulation’s against noise, dust, pollution, rain, and most energy saver.

shine9 uPVC Windows are fire-Rated.

Gandhi Glass

Gandhi Glass strives to advance the state of the art in custom glass fabrication through technical innovation and creative design. Gandhi Glass President and Founder, Late. A. P. Gandhi has been in the art glass business since 1964. Gandhi Glass, a leader in the glass industry for architectural glass design and fabrication.

We offer you the worlds best ergonomically and aesthetically designed Shine9 window and door systems. Shine9 are high impact resistance, unaffected by temperature, termite, corrosion and dust. Shine9 launched with a vision of providing superior quality window and door systems for residential and commercial unit in various types of windows and doors design likewise Casement, Sliding, Openable window etc.

About uPVC

Shine9 (Un-plasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride) is one of the most versatile Polymer found in the century. Shine9 has evolved from basic plastic to one of the most advanced and researched products in the world, like DNA manipulation, researchers have managed to add all the benefits of wood and aluminum while excluding all their weaknesses. Shine9 is most often the choice of the building industry as a low-maintenance and relatively low cost building material. It comes in a wide range of finishes as well as colors and is often used as a substitute for wood in places such as window frames, siding and weather boarding.

Type of Glasses for uPVC Door & Windows

Gandhi Glass Produce Different Type of Glasses for uPVC Door & Windows
1. Integral Blinds
a. Automatic Control with Remote
b. Manual Operated
c. Operated with Knob

2. Wire Mesh to protect from Mosquito
a. Pleated Mesh
b. Roll up Mesh

3. Georgian Bar (In side The Glass)
a. 24 Crate Gold Pleated Designer Georgian Bar
b. White Color English Style Georgian Bar
c. Golden Oak Teak wood color

4. Fire Rated Wire Glass

5. Security Glass

Casement Door

Shine9 Casement Doors consist of single or double Sash opening outside or inside, it is connected with 3d-Hinge at four points on the frame, which makes the Sash more durable. A partition can be provided using Mullion profile. Different combination of door casement can be made as per the customer requirements. Multipoint lock and key extra also provide extra security to the system.

Sliding Window

Elegant horizontally sliding Windows for restricted spaces like cubicles, interior partitions and narrow balconies using quality hardware and specially built grooves for easy smooth operation and better durability.

Sliding Door

Shine9 Sliding Doors two or more frames slide horizontally on tracks to the left or the right. The Sliding Doors are slightly raised above the track for smooth slide and also preventing dust from settling down in the track. Sliding doors are ideal for homes that require space-economy also helping you feel extra safe with security features like multipoint locking system.

Bay Windows

Bay Window – The stylish and highly practical option of Window space that can function as an extra seating space or as a secluded light filled work space. It also gives the room interesting bay design choices like polygonal/octagonal shape or even a curved/semi-circular/square shape. We can offer you the best possible Shine9 Window design solutions for Bay Windows of all shapes and

Combination Windows

Two Windows of the same type or different types can be combined to produce combination Windows. These are usually combinations of fixed Windows with casement Windows or sliding Windows. If more light is required but there is only a limited amount of operating space available for Windows, combination Windows are the ideal solution.

French Door

Shine9 French Doors do not have fixed mullion profile or partition in between. This is the most common used Shine9 Door. Shine9 french Doors gives wider opening up to 180 deg. It is connected with the Frame using 3D-Hinge. Shine9 french doors Multi-Locking Mechanism with lock and Key extra also provide extra security to the system.

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